Industry Markets

Data Centers

PTI understand that the most important part of your computing business model is to maintain 100% uptime 24/7/365.  We provide scalable solutions through innovative technology that manages your businesses connectivity, power continuity, cooling reliability, and environmental through state of the art predictive modeling and analysis.


Reliable connectively is extremely important in a very competitive business world of telecommunications.  PTI’s battery management system and environmental monitoring provides our customers with the tools necessary to manage their facilities while preventing costly downtime.


Our nation’s power grid is feeling the strain of storms, human error, and uncontrollable circumstances on systems that are sometimes decades old. PTI’s automated remote battery monitoring system for utility substations is an advanced system that increases reliability of the switchgear, telecom, and generator start batteries while reducing maintenance costs.  The PTI system also meets the new PRC-0005-2 requirements for NERC compliance.


Productivity and profitability in the manufacturing industry is driven by the ability for the business unit to maintain constant operations with limited to no downtime.  PTI provides manufactures with solutions that include power distribution, leak detection, power management, battery management, generator monitoring, and operations management.


The education industry especially higher education relies heavily on technology driven applications to maintain student records and additional training and education for students.  PTI knows how important it is that this industry maintains continuous reliability function.  PTI has implemented and installed several monitoring and management systems across schools and universities that ensure uptime.  These solutions include green initiatives to manage power usage, power distribution, leak detection, cooling, and overall facility management.


Managing logistics in the transportation sector has become increasing dependent on IT and technology solutions.  Transportation companies use IT to track, deploy, and route their trucks, railcars, busses, and airplanes.  This requires this business sector to maintain a 24/7 uptime of their servers and data center infrastructure.  PTI has deployed monitoring and management solutions globally in the trucking, railroad, bus, subway, airports, and department of transportation industries.  Our enterprise management system gives these industries the peace of mind knowing that they can focus on logistics without concerns of infrastructure downtime.


Refineries require optimal performance despite some of the harshest environmental conditions that can affect uptime and safety.  Government regulations concerning safety have increased over the past several years making it increasingly important for refineries to better manage their facilities infrastructure.  PTI’s capabilities and expertise include power distribution, remote battery monitoring, water, chemical, and petroleum leak detection, and a cloud management suite.


The healthcare industry is a highly mission critically driven industry that can experience down time.  System failure is not only costly to hospitals and clinics; buy it could also be life threatening.  PTI uses innovative technology that manages and predicts facility reliability in power continuity, connectivity, and environmental.  The Government is increasing their stronghold on regulations for electronic medical records putting a strain on outdated systems.  Managing and monitoring these systems is crucial to the medical industries reliability.