Battery Monitoring

Predictive Technology Inc offers an array of Data Center Battery Monitoring Solutions that are essential to maintaining your facilities reliability. Immediate and constant data transfer leaves little room for server downtime. Your backup batteries are your main line of defense when the grid fails. Monitoring their health keeps you keenly aware of how well your system will weather a power disruption.

Prevent Unplanned Downtime

Since batteries can fail in as little as two days, battery monitoring is designed to protect you daily, not just when your scheduled preventive maintenance occurs. PTI works with our manufacturers to deliver prompt notification of your vulnerability – giving you peace of mind, ensuring business continuity and safeguarding company assets. Battery monitoring detects failures months before a battery would become an operating risk, and months before a technician might discover it during a quarterly maintenance check. Ensure your battery protection applications will work when you need them.

Extend Battery Life

By knowing the health of your battery every day you can selectively replace only failing jars or cells, thereby saving money on battery replacement and maintenance. This also helps you prevent useful batteries from being destroyed, lessening the environmental impact of your operation.

Create a Safer Environment

By automating the measurement of your battery health you eliminate the risk of human error and the dangerous and unreliable task of hand held testing.

Prevent Thermal Runaway

Thermal runaway can be a very destructive and serious condition on standby batteries if not identified in the beginning of the development stages. If thermal runaway is ignored, severe damage to the battery as well as surrounding equipment can occur resulting in costly repairs or worse, injury to personnel. Read More

alber_03   Alber leads the industry with storage battery monitoring and test equipment.Telephone, power and data centers that can’t have power interrupted count on Alber equipment to ensure the integrity of their emergency power systems. Alber also offers battery maintenance and testing seminars.

cellwatch_logo   Cellwatch keeps data centers, internet companies, financial institutions and manufacturers all around the world up and running with their UPS battery monitoring systems. Cellwatch’s technology helps prevent downtime by alerting instantly if a back up battery begins to fail. Cellwatch is simple to design and install, and built-in applications make it easy to identify and isolate issues in the battery room.

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generex_logo   Generex is the world leader in the area of UPS networks and has grown to become one of the largest producers of shutdown and monitoring software and network adapters for UPS, battery and facility management systems. Predictive Technology Inc has been offering Generex products for several years in the government, utility, data centers, and industrial markets.

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