How can I measure temps in my office?
Temperature can be measure using Wired or Wireless Sensors. RLE offers both wired and wireless solutions. The F200 product is a quick and easy way to get temp or temp/humidity information. For wireless Temp monitoring RLE offers the FDS-Wi. RLE’s new mess wireless sensor array creates a very reliable wireless network. Both modules can interface to building management solutions, or SNMP systems.
How do I manage a hot server closet?
The first thing to do is monitor the space. The F200 is a great unit to monitor the space temperature. For a more managed solution which also offers temperature monitoring, Giest offers the RAC10 variable speed fan system. It has a built in temp sensor to monitor the temp in the closet and control the speed of the two variable fans. The RAC10 can be mounted in the drop ceiling or on an exterior wall. A very simple solution to pull the hot air out of the data closet space.
How do I monitor my generators?

First, the generator manufacturer or service provider for the generator needs to be identified. Older generators do not offer many options for detailed communications. Newer units offer Modbus communications and provide detailed information. For older generators, we recommend installing dry contact relays for alarm monitoring. This is a task the local service provider can do. If the unit is newer and does not have communications, then adding a communications device is recommended. Again the local service provider can install this option.

I do not know how to find my power consumption?

The first step is to add metering to your facility, or pull information from existing switch gear or meters. Some building switchgear will have smart meters built into them. This information can be gathered, and pushed to a cloud site for data storage. The data will then be gathered over time. KWH is kilowatt hour. KW over time is how we track power consumption. If your facility does not have smart meters, Veris Industries has a full line of smart meters which can be installed by your local electrician. The first step is definitely metering of the information.

I do not know how to measure my power consumption?

Power consumption is measured with smart meters. Smart meters can be at the Power Distribution panel, or at the rack PDU level. Depending on how granular you wish to measure depends on the measuring device. Branch Circuit monitoring can measure your 42 pole distribution panels. Providing a range of data, from Amps only, to Amps, Volts, pf, kva, kw, kwh. This information can be gathered by a DCiM tool (Giest) for data storage and trending. Another method would be to install smart Power Strips (PDU) units. Giest and Raritan have a full line of smart PDU units providing the same data as the Branch Circuit Monitor. You can also order these with outlet controls. Again inputting this into a DCiM software package like Environet will allow you to track and manage your power consumption in your facility.

How do I measure PUE?

PUE is measured by overall facility power /IT power. To attain this value, it is necessary to meter your IT load. You may already have your UPS, Distribution and Rack loads. You also need to measure your support loads. The power necessary to power your AC equipment needs to be metered. Only by monitoring all support loads of the Data Center can true PUE be accomplished. There are many tools able to input this information and provide a PUE number. RLE, Giest, Raritan all have tools able to provide this information.

How do I measure DCIE?

DCiE is simply an inverse of PUE. IT power /overall facility power

What is the best PPU to buy for my racks?

There are many PDU shapes and sizes. Both physically, and electrical specifications. The first item is to determine the needs of your servers. Once this is established, then we would suggest going to (Raritan.com) or (Giestglobal.com). PDU units can be very simple, only providing power distribution, no monitoring, no controls. PDU units can provide monitoring of the entire PDU load (not individual circuits). PDU units are available in individual circuit monitoring units, each circuit is monitored. You can also get PDU units which allow you to control the circuit for remote shutdown. These are all features available at Raritan or Giest. Once you know your server requirements, and the features you are interested in, then go shopping. Contact PTI with any technical questions.

How do I bill my customers in my rack?

The Colo/tenant model is something many Data Centers are interested in performing. In order to accomplish this function, you must first have branch circuit monitoring or smart PDU units with a minimum rack level monitoring. See Raritan and Giest for these units. The second item you require is a DCiM software tool with a Tennant Manager Package. Giest Environet offers the tenant manager package specifically for Colo Data Centers. Ask your PTI representative about this feature.

How do I track my rack power usage?

Reports can be provided, if you have a DCiM tool capable of providing these reports. Once the metering is in place, and the smart PDU units are online. Detailed usage and efficiency reports are only a click away. Environet can create custom reports which can be run manually or automatically.

Do you have power usage or efficiency reports?

Reports can be provided, if you have a DCiM tool capable of providing these reports. Once the metering is in place, and the smart PDU units are online. Detailed usage and efficiency reports are only a click away. Environet can create custom reports which can be run manually or automatically.

How do I monitor my dew point?
Dew point can be monitored using sensors designed for this function. These sensors are available from Giest. They can be input in a many different main units. Each unit can provide the customer with notification regarding Dew Point issues.
How do I protect my racks from water?

Racks? Or other equipment, water can cause a great deal of damage. RLE offers the most complete line of leak detection equipment. From the touch screen LD5200 unit, to the Networkable LD2100, or the simple LED display panel. RLE’s patented leak detection cable will notify before any significant damage can be done. Notifications come thru email, and alarm contacts. All RLE modules can also interface with customers existing DCiM system. Notifying the customer of the exact location of the leak. Go to (ptisolutions.com) web site for information on the different leak detection solutions. Take the leak detection challenge, answer the questions regarding possible water damage sources.

Where would I buy blanking panels?
Blanking panels are used when customers are wanting to remove the heat from the Data Center space. Blanking panels are used with Giest Chimney solutions. These solutions are passive or active. Passive are without fans, allowing for the heat to migrate into the plenum space with out assistance. Active comes with 2 variable fans, controlled from rack pressure. These fans will pull the hot air from the rack and push into the plenum space. Both sides, back, and top will have blanking panels. Forcing the hot air into the plenum space. This removes the hot air from the data center, and reduces the cooling needs.
How do I know my generator has started?
See the section on monitoring my generator.
Is a customer portal available for us?
Colo packages do come with a portal for the Colo companies customers. The customers can access there site with complete management packages built into there access. Showing them the power usage, rack elevations, server information, asset management. 
Giest Environet provides the Colo model which provides the customer portal option. Ask your PTI representative to show you the Colo Model.