Case Studies

Environet Helps Deliver Even More to their Customers

Investing in Environet was an easy choice for LightBound, “Environet was an easy sell for us; it was not just a graphical front end that was bolted onto our equipment. We immediately recognized that it was built from the ground up as an end-to-end solution specifically geared towards data centers,” Allen explains. Read More

Environet and GameStop: A Win/Win Partnership

GameStop faced a global challenge: How to effectively monitor the multifaceted divisions of its company without compromising security and reliability. To tackle this challenge, GameStop joined forces with Environet from Geist DCiM. Read More

Cosentry is Covered with Environet

With six regional facilities, Cosentry is responsible for protecting their clients’ business operations. To make sure their clients are covered, Cosentry implemented Environet DCiM systems in their regional facilities. Read More

Time Warner Cable | Cellwatch Case Study

“Cellwatch is constant peace of mind because it monitors every single day.” – Time Warner Cable Facilities Manager Read More

University of Wyoming | Cellwatch Case Study

“With the visibility that Cellwatch provides, we fully expect to get longer life out of our batteries – at least an additional two to three years.” — University of Wyoming Assistant Data Center Manager Read More

IBM Green Solution Center

Cellwatch Battery Monitoring System Featured in IBM Green Solutions Center Read More

Raritan’s DCIM Energy and Environmental Monitoring Is Just the Start for F5’s Product Development Lab

As a recognized leader in application delivery networking, F5 Networks helps customers deliver the fastest, most secure and reliable applications to anyone, anywhere, on any device, at any time. With F5 solutions, organizations can deploy applications in any environment — from the data center to the cloud — and also protect those applications, their data, and their users. Read More

ebay | Real-Time Energy Optimization and Best Practices In a Mission-Critical Data Center

As one of the world’s largest Internet commerce platforms, eBay demands extreme data center reliability; any downtime would impact transactions worth more than $2,000 a second. Thus its global data center team must excel simultaneously in delivering uptime and flexibility, while keeping costs down – a truly complex challenge, requiring constant innovation to be successful. Read More