Green Energy Initiaitves

Green initiatives within the Data Center environment is a very hot topic amount CEO’s, CFO’s, and data center management.  How do you go green and what does it really mean?  Basically it is a repository for the management, storage, and propagation of data in which the electrical, cooling, mechanical, lighting and computer systems are designed for maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact.  Advanced technologies and energy efficient strategies are essential in the operation of a green data center.  PTI provides several services and solutions that assist our clients in achieving their organizations green initiatives, reducing costs, and slowing down the need for capital expenditures.

Services include:

1.  Energy assessments

2.  Energy management and monitoring dashboard

3.  Airflow analysis and management

4.  Cable management

5.  Cooling study and ASHRAE recommendations

6.  CFM analysis

7.  PUE