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5 Steps to Greater Overall Energy Efficiency

Ghost servers are systems that are idle, yet they are still drawing power and taking cooling systems. Ghost servers with out a doubt increase a data center’s energy costs.   5 Steps to Greater Overall Energy Efficiency: 1. DCIM 2. Match Assets to Demand...

Preventing Thermal Runaway

Thermal runaway can be a catastrophic failure of the battery system, proper application and system design, installation and operation can render it a non-issue. Potential Causes & Prevention of Thermal Runaway 1. High Float Charging Voltage Thermal Runaway...


Our customer’s facilities range from small data closets, data centers that are several thousand sq feet, to those with multiple locations. Read More

Battery Management

Battery Management system gives our customers peace of mine knowing that their UPS, switchgear, substation, and generator batteries are fully functional at all times. Read More

Building Energy Monitoring

As a business, you can’t be GREEN if you don’t know what is going on with your energy consumption! Read More