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Immersion Cooling: The Future of Green CEU Course

Join us Predictive Technology and Submer for an online CEU course on immersion cooling. Immersion cooling in data centers is a new and emerging technology that is changing the game…

Backup Power

Backup Power: You Don’t Need It Until You Need It

Make sure your business is not susceptible to downtime by investing in a backup power system. You never need it until you need it.

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Webinar: Is Your Data Emergency-Proof?

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Manage Your Data Center with PTI and Vertiv

Vertiv has been in the business of supporting IT infrastructure since 2016, but has a 75-year legacy. While technology has changed drastically during that time, the mission and commitment of…

Cool Your Servers with PTI and Submer

Submer is a leader in creating sustainable and efficient data centers. They specialize in immersion cooling to save space and money.

Monitor Leaks with PTI and RLE

Founded in 1984, RLE Technologies manufactures monitoring equipment for facilities, BMS, environmental, integration, and leak detection.

Monitor Your Batteries with PTI and Generex

German-based company Generex focuses on battery monitoring and management. They offer solutions for monitoring uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), utility, and telecom batteries. The application possibilities are extremely broad and work…

Power Your Business with PTI and Eaton

Eaton was founded in the automotive space in 1911, when Joseph Eaton invested in the first gear-driven truck axle. The company has grown in big ways since, and today provides…

Monitor Your Batteries with PTI and Cellwatch

Cellwatch provides battery monitoring solutions. This allowing you to prevent unplanned outages, save money, comply with regulatory requirements, and ensure safety and reliability.

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