Worried about the threat of systems downtime? 

As an experienced IT distributor, we have the knowledge and expertise to develop a hardware/software solution for your critical facility.

Solutions for Whatever your Critical Facility May Experience

PTI has built relationships throughout the industry to ensure we can service the needs of our customers and offer top-of-the-line hardware and software solutions to fit any need. As a valued IT distributor and partner with industry-leading manufacturers, we have access to additional resources, service technicians, and solutions to ensure our customers’ success.

Supporting You Through Every Stage of your Project 



Our application experts will work with you to find the correct solution for your unique needs.



Our trained technicians coordinate the on-site positioning, installation, testing, training, and commissioning of your critical equipment.



We will customize a PM schedule that includes inspection, testing, calibration, cleaning, and upgrade recommendations if necessary to help prevent downtime.

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Cooling Solutions for Data Center Batteries

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Are you maximizing the monitoring capabilities of your UPS?

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Real Life ROI: Consolidation

A global telecom company needed to consolidate and relocate 35 data centers into 6 different facilities.

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Automation in Industrial Manufacturing: Adapting Backup Power Equipment to Meet the Demands

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Private Facilities Network: Start-Up Process

Facilities private network start-up can be fully implemented within weeks so you can rest assured your equipment is operating securely on your own network.

The Power of a Private Facilities Network

The power of a private facilities network can reduce wasted time, increase operational efficiency, and keep your facility’s equipment online.

Which NEMA Rating Do I Need For My Facility

Which NEMA Rating Do I Need For My Facility?

A common question is “Which NEMA Rating Do I Need For My Facility?” This article will discuss different NEMA ratings, what they mean, and answer some faqs.

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