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Environet | DCIM Solution

environetDesigned to simplify monitoring by integrating multiple communication protocols into one comprehensive system, Environet is the ultimate solution for your monitoring needs. Environet’s graphically rich interface and intuitive design makes monitoring the data center easier than ever before. With SNMP, Modbus, BACnet, and LONWorks capability, Environet can support multiple types of equipment from many manufacturers. Environet can be accessed remotely through its web based user interface and can send immediate notification if an alarm condition is triggered. Environet goes beyond typical monitoring systems by surpassing reactive or even proactive methods to provide the user with predictive feature sets, letting you know about potential problems before they become catastrophic. Environet can also help you save money associated with data center operations by uncovering stranded capacity and cutting energy usage. Environet monitoring and management systems help data center operators plan for future expansions, effectively extending the useful life of a facility. In fact, after implementing Environet’s automated start/stop HVAC system, one client was able to decrease their CRAC units’ runtime by about 20%—that translates into over $23,000 in savings annually.

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The Racknet product line provides a comprehensive set of products for managing rack level data and white space with a single point of integration. The intuitive interface allows for easy drag and drop configurations, giving complete in-house customization capability. This product line auto-discovers SNMP devices, making installation and set-up fast and simple. The aggregated results collected across your facility allow you to integrate and manage a variety of mission critical equipment.

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PDUs | Power Distribution

Track PDU performance on site, or access it over the Internet with Geist’s monitored power strips. Add environmental sensors for greater protection.

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Cooling Management

Intelligent cooling maximizes efficiency, protects data center equipment and saves energy.

Active Cabinet or Row Containment

The Opengate containment system centers on two critical components: 1) containing heat, and 2) expelling heat directly to the CRAC units. This two-step focus maintains the ideal temperature for data center equipment.

Passive Cabinet Containment

With Opengate Passive Cabinet Containment, low density cabinets can take advantage of a simple chimney solution to manage modest heat volumes. Then, as cabinet loads begin to increase, the passive system can be upgraded quickly to an Opengate Active Containment System. Opengate is the most flexible cooling option on the market today. It grows and adjusts to the needs of any data center.