Small Room Cooling

Geist Small Room CoolingIntelligent heat removal and monitoring solution for servers, network switches and phone systems in small spaces.

The Opengate RAC10 system evacuates heat load from closets and small rooms and sends it to the outside corridor or ceiling plenum return. The RAC10 maintains a perfectly controlled environment in small computer and network rooms using building air while providing the needed visibility to cooling capacity and environment information and alarms. Email alerts and the web interface provides remote alarms and management for superior visibility and control of room environment.

The Opengate RAC10 system can be mounted to the wall or the ceiling mount for automated heat exhaust and critical monitoring/alerts.

GeistThe ClosetAir is a complete management system that provides remote visibility of your room environment. This system is ideal for mounting on the wall or ceiling and provides automated heat exhaust while intelligently monitoring your equipment. Receive alert notifications if critical values fall outside the user-defined threshold. Read More

Geist has an extensive selection of data center PDU power products includes solutions such as upgradeable power distribution units, monitoring sensors, low profile breakers and satellite power.