Data Center Site Assessments

The PTI Data Center Energy Assessment is the fastest way to identify opportunities for improving the environment, capacity and operating costs within the data center. Read More

Data Center Environmental Assessments

Environmental monitoring within mission critical facilities is important in persevering the health of critical equipment. PTI offers a full solution set of monitoring devices that can be integrated into an Enterprise system or used as a stand alone solution. Read More

Data Center Site Engineering Services

PTI offers engineering services that can provide management with data that will help them determine if they can save capital expenses and use their existing assets to improve overall efficiencies and profitability. Read More

Systems/Hardware Integration Services

PTI offers an array of integration services for some of most elite manufactures including Liebert, Raritan, Geist, RLE, and NDSL. Read More

Green Energy Initiatives

Green initiatives within the Data Center environment is a very hot topic amount CEO’s, CFO’s, and data center management. Read More